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In War Against the Weak, Edwin Black documents the astonishing account of eugenics as never done before. He presents his remarkable research in a gripping narrative. The Nazis used the so-called science of eugenics to create a master race and exterminate Jews and others they considered undesirable. This is a must read so that this kind of history will not be allowed to be repeated anywhere again.

Abraham H. Foxman
national director, Anti-Defamation League


War Against the Weak becomes a must-read because it shows the depth and pervasiveness of racist ideology. Ironically, as the book points out, America's eugenics movement helped spawn the human genome project--which now reveals that "race" is a social construct with absolutely no biological basis. Yet, as the book clearly shows, America's presumably well-educated elite can easily be convinced of the biological basis of race and succumb to a pseudo-scientific justification for America's social ordering. But, as Mr.Black shows, the consequences can expose an evil so base, it can rot a world. He carefully documents the links of the American eugenics movement to the horror of the crimes of Nazi Germany. This aspect will undoubtedly unnerve some readers, who would like to think the eugenics movement was benign. Yet Mr. Black's careful scholarship will have to make them reconsider the innocence of the acceptance of any simple racist notions by elites.

William E. Spriggs
executive director, National Urban League Institute for Opportunity and Equality


Edwin Black has again sounded an alarm that must not be ignored. His extensive, impeccable research produced findings that are deeply disturbing and haunting. The roots of the Nazis' evil eugenic policies are traced to the U.S. and England--a warning about the dangers of the perversion of science that must be heeded.

Malcolm Hoenlein
executive vice chairman, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations


Edwin Black has once again shined a powerful spotlight on an under-publicized and troubling subject. War Against the Weak is a sobering and superbly documented look at how an unsubstantiated and discredited pseudoscience, eugenics, gained a foothold at the highest levels of policymaking simply because it confirmed the basest suspicions and prejudices of a disturbingly large number of prominent and well-connected people.

Lisa Navarrete
vice president, National Council of La Raza


War against the Weak is absolutely fascinating and disturbing. The notion of eugenics and the creation of a master race was not the exclusive domain of the Nazis but tosome extent may have had its precursor right here among America's most distinguished and prominent families is both alarming and frightening.

Rabbi Marvin Hier
founder and dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center


Edwin Black's newest work uncovers the core of American involvement in the pseudo-science of Eugenics that is at the heart of the decades of discrimination, degradation and death. All for the sake of bad science, thousands of African Americans, the disabled, the mentally ill, the indigent, the poor and homeless, Native Americans, Asian Americans and Jews were persecuted right here in the U.S. and specifically right here in California. The lessons of this violation of basic human rights should be learned so that we will never again do such horrible things. Black's book gives us the record.

Prof. Samuel M. Edelman
director, State of California Center for Excellence in Teaching Holocaust, Genocide, Human Rights and Tolerance


Edwin Black's powerful chronicle of the untold history of eugenics is a thought-provoking, almost surrealistic masterpiece. He articulates events that virtually transcends human comprehension and is a must-read for people of all faiths, religions or ideological orientation. To be sure, War Against the Weak reminds all of us (whether we want to be reminded or not) about the choices and challenges we make and confront as a civilized people and society created in the image of God.

Chaim Y. Botwinick
president, Center for the Advancement of Jewish Education, Miami, Florida