Edwin Black in Miami  
Holocaust Era Research Organization Invites You
to the return to Miami of award-winning author Edwin Black speaking on his new best-selling book, WAR AGAINST THE WEAK, just released to a 40-city tour. WAR AGAINST THE WEAK chronicles the shocking story of American eugenics and its direct financial and organizational connections to Hitler’s quest for a Master Race, including the Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Institution and the academic elite of Harvard, Yale and Princeton. After the war, the eugenics movement renamed itself “human genetics.”

Black will be the guest speaker at Beth Israel December 20, 8 PM. The event will be sponsored by the Holocaust Era Research Organization as part of its weekend scholar-in-residence program, and cosponsored the American Jewish Committee, American Jewish Congress, Beth Israel Congregation History News Network and the Center for Genetics and Society.

Click here for Edwin's resume.

For more information go to http://www.edwinblack.com