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The Great Lakes World Affairs Council has named “War Against the Weak” by Edwin Black (Four Walls Eight Windows) "the best nonfiction book of the year for international human rights.”

“War Against the Weak” displays the highest standards for nonfiction writing in the service of global human rights,” reads the 2003 notification letter from the Council. The best book of the year award is granted annually to works that exemplify integrity, independence and excellence in promoting awareness of human rights. Recipients receive a $500.00 honorarium.

Black, who visited Lansing during December at the invitation of the Council, reacted to the notification with the statement: “No nation or people possesses a monopoly on inhumanity. Investigative reporters everywhere must continue efforts to shine the bright light of history both across the darkness and into our own national mirror to reveal who has helped wage wars against the weak--and who has benefited.”

The Council award notification concluded:

“This is our Council’s way of building greater popular awareness of global issues. We support international journalists through this public expression of appreciation for their work. Our ability to assess the world, our duty to protect humane values, our need to make informed decisions about world affairs, is served by your work. We commend your meticulous documentation. We applaud your commitment to truth, as it takes on form and substance through carefully marshaled evidence.

The Council’s award was established to recognize the enormous debt that free societies owe to documentary writers, journalists, eyewitness diarists, and other literary chroniclers. We rely on your words and those of others like you, to bring facts to light and breathe them to life.”

During 2004 the Council will accept nominations for three awards: best nonfiction book of the year for international human rights, lifetime achievement in nonfiction writing on global topics, and best Michigan nonfiction author on international themes.

Great Lakes World Affairs Council in Lansing, Michigan’s capital city, is part of a nationwide network of local Councils affiliated through the National World Affairs Councils (NWAC) headquartered in Washington, D.C. Nonpartisan with open membership and nonprofit, World Affairs Council is the oldest and largest international affairs nonprofit in the country.