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Please join the Maimonides and Cardozo Societies of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle for,
An evening with investigative author,

Edwin Black
as he discusses his soon to be released,
War Against the Weak

Date: Monday, September 22nd
Time: 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Location: Lake Washington Rowing Club
         910 Northlake Way
         Seattle, WA 98103

Note: 1.5 C.L.E. Credits Pending
Price: $40
         $45 for C.L.E. Credits Pending

The Program: Imagine an America in which people are forcibly sterilized because they’re of the wrong race or ethnicity, because they wear glasses or have been labeled “shiftless.” Ridiculous? Not at all; in fact, that’s exactly what happened here---not so long ago. Author, Edwin Black will discuss how eugenics was reinvented postwar as “human genetics,” and the modern-day potential for abuse, as well as the importance of a new federal anti-genetic discrimination act soon to be signed into law by President Bush.

Edwin Black: As an investigative journalist, Black has investigated HMOs, the homeless, the Jonathan Pollard spy scandal, corporate misconduct, Microsoft antitrust activities, hate crimes, the infamous Kathy Webb rape case, and the abduction of journalist Terry Anderson. Black's latest work, War Against the Weak, chronicles the gripping story of America's decades-long campaign to create a white, Nordic master race through a sham science called eugenics.

For more information please contact Danielle at or 206-774-2246.

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